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Highlight your
beauty & sensuality

No Experience Needed

I offer luxurious personalized portrait sessions in gorgeous studios and your choice of tastefully-edited digital images and luxurious print products such as wall art and albums.


No experience needed! It’s my job to guide you through it all in a comfortable, relaxed, and fun atmosphere that highlights your beauty and sensuality.


What to Expect

Before your session, I’ll send an introductory questionnaire to learn more about you and your preferences and to give you some hints and tips.

We’ll also meet over the phone or by videoconference.  


During your session, I'll coach you through flattering poses and expressions that you’ll love.


After your session, you’ll have an opportunity to select your images and products.

Privacy and Comfort

A boudoir portrait session is an exhilarating experience that demands the ultimate in comfort, communication, and privacy. It’s normal to be nervous, but the jitters fade away quickly, replaced by feeling like an absolute icon.

Before your session, we discuss your comfort level and your vision for the experience. We communicate throughout the session to ensure every pose respects your personal boundaries. Your photos are private and confidential unless you agree in writing to allow me to share them. I’m the artist, but ultimately this is all about you.


Let's Plan Your Photoshoot

Contact me to introduce yourself and request an Investment Guide.


I also offer a referral bonus when you refer a friend who also books with me, and I am happy to arrange group rates for special events like bachelorette parties.

You are an icon
See my gallery below, and visit the blog for more.

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