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I'm your hype man

I’m Stephen, your photographer. I'm a husband, a dad, a son, a brother, a friend, a dog lover, a fitness enthusiast, an artist, a dry humor enthusiast, and a technology nerd. I like getting stamps in my passport and being a goofball. I know what you're thinking. A dude taking boudoir photos, what?! Yep, and I'm pretty good at it.


My love for boudoir photography is rooted in my own experiences in learning how to appreciate myself. I've been on both sides of the boudoir lens. I’m no model – I’m just a man on his own journey of self-discovery like everyone else. I loved the way my own photos made me feel as a man and as a human being.


Clients come to me because my perspective informs my art. Your portraits will be sexy (you’re hot, duh!), but not as a manifestation of the “the male gaze.” Far from it. I’m photographing with a compassionate gaze from a male perspective. During your portrait experience, it’s all about you: how you want to see yourself, how I help you project confidence, your comfort level, and how I amplify you for you. My ultimate goal is for you to look at your photos and say “holy shit, that's me?!"


Yes, it’s all you. My mission is to deliver cozy, classy, and -- of course -- sexy images that you'll cherish. It's the real you, just a little bit amplified, and never over-processed.


Set aside whatever you think the world demands of you, and appreciate yourself in your boudoir portrait session. It’s an inspiring, confidence-boosting, and client-focused experience.


Let me be your hype man, I got you!

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