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Boudoir Portraits for a Beautiful Mother of Three

I recently photographed Amanda from Phoenix Moms and Scottsdale Moms for a feature on their websites. I especially love this part of Amanda's article:

"I already felt so strong and beautiful walking out of my session, but that feeling has only grown after getting my photos back. I found that I was no longer nervous to share some of them for this blog post, and I actually couldn’t wait to do so."

Amanda elaborates on six reasons a boudoir photography session is worthwhile, and I agree!

  1. You deserve some time as the center of attention.

  2. You are beautiful right now.

  3. It is NOT the same as a selfie.

  4. It is fun!

  5. It will give you an excuse to have a stellar date night.

  6. The confidence boost you get will last.

Check out the articles here:

boudoir portrait mom

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