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The Arcadia Boudoir Lingerie Guide

Updated: May 14

Looking for lingerie for your photoshoot? Some of my clients aren't sure where to shop, but that's OK! I hope this post saves you the trouble of endless internet searches.

As a basic guideline, a good start for lingerie for a boudoir portrait session can include a bodysuit, a 2-piece set (or more, if you want to include garters/stockings), and a wildcard (something daring you want to try!).

Here's a non-exclusive, mostly alphabetic, list of of some resources, presented (mostly) without commentary. Each of these places may have some options that match your vibe within your budget.

I'm not affiliated with these businesses in any way,, so this is only presented as information you may want to consider, and click these links at your own peril :). I'll try to update this list from time to time! Happy shopping :) (yeah, Amazon has lingerie) (if you're looking for something with a theme) (local Arizona business) (another sustainable option!)

Let me know if you have any suggestions!

bodysuit in boudoir photo by Arcadia Boudoir of phoenix
Bodysuit by Kelle's Finery, photo from our collaboration

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