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Boudoir doesn't have to be in the boudoir

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

"Boudoir" means bedroom. But "boudoir photography" can be wherever you want it to be. In a recent session, we didn't even bother with the beds. We worked in the kitchen, living room, and bathroom of this lovely place. Which would you prefer? A sultry shoot in the bedroom, or somewhere else? Contact me to see yourself in art!

Although we can go all out and glam it up, a lot of my style includes the cozy, sexy-at-home look. You can rock this look in anything from sweats to the finest lingerie. You can rock it while grabbing a snack, baking a treat, sipping on coffee, reading a book, painting your nails, admiring your purse collection, watering the plants, washing some dishes, fixing a flat tire (why not get a little dirty?), or just lounging around. It doesn't matter, because it's all about you. Spice up your ordinary routine!

I might update this post with some more from this shoot. If I forget, remind me...or check out my Instagram (@arcadiaboudoir).

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