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What do you even DO with boudoir photos? (featuring some photos from a recent shoot)

You found my website or followed me on Instagram. You learned about the experience. You turned excuses into reasons. You booked the shoot. You picked your favorite outfits and had amazing hair and makeup. You rocked your session and your confidence is at an all-time high. You love your boudoir photos ("holy shit, that's me?!"). Now what? Here is some inspiration for what to do with your new favorite photos:

  1. Order a gorgeous metal, canvas, acrylic, or wood wall art print to hang on your wall in your bedroom or in a walk-in closet for a spicy aesthetic. Let me know the vibe you're going for and I can suggest a print media and handle the order through one of my favorite print shops specializing in luxurious boudoir prints.

  2. Order a luxurious album as a gift for a partner or to use as an artistic coffee table book (you are the art!). With your approval and input, I can design an album and order it from the print shop.

  3. Order a calendar for your partner (it will be a year they'll never forget).

  4. Order a posh box of prints. Think of it as an album of separate cards. It's a unique way to keep your photos. It reminds me of a modern and classy version of the old prints we used to get when we took our film to the 1-hour photo place.

  5. Keep them digital. They're way better than a selfie. Feeling bold? Post some on social media. Send them to a significant other in the middle of a workday. Look at them for a reminder of how awesome you are.

  6. Nothing! Maybe the day of pampering and the experience is enough. It's kinda like a vacation. The experience is the vacation. The photos are the souvenirs.

Talk to me about all the possibilities. We can customize a photoshoot experience and product package that fits your needs and budget!

Here are some photos from a fantastic shoot in one of my favorite studios in Mesa. Look at this light!

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