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What's holding you back? You are worthy.

What are you waiting for? The perfect time is...anytime. The perfect reason is...any reason. The perfect body is...any body. You see where this is going. Stop giving yourself excuses and be glad you just did it. Literally, YOLO. I conquered my fears of starting a whole business and here I am!

Here's a list of common excuses for not booking a boudoir photoshoot, and why they stink:

  • I'm not a model / I'm not photogenic. Well, first of all, you are photogenic, you goofball. It's LITERALLY MY JOB to prove it. And guess what? Most people who have a boudoir session aren't professional models. But they get to feel like professional models. That's the point!

  • I don't know how to "be sexy." Who does? Don't worry, I don't just stick a camera in your face and tell you to "be sexy." It's my job to guide you through the right poses and expressions that amplify your individual sensuality. Trust me, and trust the process.

  • I'm too old. Too old to what? Enjoy a luxurious experience? Celebrate your milestones?Honor your body? Love yourself? Treat yourself? Embrace your sensuality? Feel pampered? Nope, you aren't too old.

  • I don't have anyone to give the photos to. So what? Boudoir is for celebrating you for yourself. Sure, it makes an amazing anniversary, birthday, or wedding gift. But during the session and when you see your photos, I think you'll realize you're the real beneficiary. What you do with the boost of confidence is up to you...

  • I'm too shy and too nervous. You're already here, reading this. If you want to do it, you can overcome the apprehension. Before the photoshoot, we have a virtual meeting and a questionnaire to break the ice. Getting glammed up for hair and makeup helps you get into the groove. And then during the shoot, I play your favorite music, show you how well you're doing by showing you some shots on the back of my camera, and then bam! The nerves are gone and you're having a blast. You'll be saying "oh damn, that's me??" in no time. You can read about a firsthand experience by two local moms by clicking here or here.

  • I don't know what to wear or I don't have anything to wear. So wear nothing! Okay, but seriously, that's an option. Boudoir isn't limited to a specific outfit. I can direct you to some shops and outfits that flatter you. But boudoir can be in just about anything. A t-shirt, some lingerie, a sweater, a bedsheet, your wedding gown, a newspaper.... We'll figure out what works best to amplify you within the bounds of your comfort level.

  • I don't have time. You don't have time to love on yourself? I'll work with you to schedule a convenient time. Weekend afternoons are my specialty, but I can work with you on a weekday.

  • I need to lose or gain weight first. Boudoir is for every body. Before the session, we can talk about what you like most about yourself, and I ask if there is anything you want me to minimize, emphasize, or conceal. My job is to guide you through flattering poses and outfits, and to do just the right amount of editing, to amplify what you love the most about yourself. If you are on a fitness or health journey, scheduling your boudoir photoshoot can set a goal date. Book now, or a few months out, and celebrate your progress along the way. Give yourself some grace. The confidence boost from a boudoir photoshoot might surprise you!

  • I can't afford it. Talk to me. We'll figure out a package that works for you. Boudoir is an investment. It's a luxury experience. I've invested in quality gear and years of training to create a luxury experience within reach.

  • I don't want my pictures on the internet. I'm a pretty private person myself, so I get it. Your images are kept private in a password-protected database. I don't share anything without express written permission.

  • What would other people think? It's none of their business, so who cares? But really? They would be jealous that they didn't get to be the center of attention.

  • It's too far away from my house. Lucky you, I'm not locked into one studio location. I work in amazing studios all over the Valley. Anyway, boudoir can be anywhere.

  • I don't want to be photographed by a guy. Read my reviews. Or this blog post. Talk to me. Talk to other clients. I'm a professional. I bring a unique perspective that isn't found in most boudoir studios. But I get it. If you aren't comfortable with any male photographer, I won't try to change your mind. Instead, I'm happy to give you some recommendations for some female photographers. Ultimately I think everyone should have a comfortable boudoir experience, whether it's with me or someone else.

  • I don't have a special occasion. So what? Any occasion is the best occasion! You don't have to be celebrating anything to have a luxury experience!

You are your harshest critic. Stop it. You are worthy.

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